We believe local government ownership is the most secure way to ensure stable ownership and universality of services into the future. 

We understood from the outset the importance of developing a governance model that would be sustainable, and so we engaged some of the most stable institutions in our communities – local governments – early in the process. 

Five local government partners (Town of Carman, R.M. of Dufferin, R.M. of Grey, R.M. of Roland, R.M. of Thompson) indicated their ongoing support for the concept starting with a Memorandum of Understanding in September of 2014, and culminating in the transition of the original Boyne Care Holdings corporation into Boyne Care Holdings 2016. 

This new not-for-profit entity, with its membership made up of the stakeholder Councils, will own the Aging in Place Campus, thereby ensuring stable ownership and access to services into the future. Through their presence as members of the newly created Boyne Care Planning and Development Committee, the directors of the original Boyne Care Holdings retain their roles as key drivers of the project under the umbrella of the multi-municipal organization.


After learning from Manitoba Health officials that there were no plans on the horizon to replace the Boyne Lodge, the Mayor of the Town of Carman and the Reeve of the R.M. of Dufferin looked to a new Manitoba model of a community-built Personal Care Home developed by Niverville Heritage Holdings. With a strong community mandate, the Town and Municipality have moved forward in working to make this project happen. Boyne Care Holdings (2016) Inc., (BCH) a community-based, non-profit corporation was created and is currently populated by the following slate of directors:

  • Raymond Franzmann, Reeve, Municipality of Grey, Chair

  • Brent Owen, Mayor, Town of Carman, Vice Chair

  • George Gray, Reeve, Rural Municipality of Dufferin, Secretary

  • Mike Pfrimmer, Reeve, Rural Municipality of Roland, Director

  • Brian Callum, Reeve, Rural Municipality of Thompson, Director

  • Tyler King, Director of Economic Development (ex officio)


A detailed budget has been developed taking into account estimated capital costs, potential revenue streams from lease arrangements and ancillary services, expenses based on the experience of existing similar operations, and projected debt servicing costs.

A community fundraising campaign has exceeded its goal of $3.5 million in donations and pledges.  The generosity of donors exceeded expectations, strengthening our capability to secure, accelerate and broaden the project. Stakeholder municipalities have committed to a contribution of $3.5 million. The project will start with an equity position of $7 million to secure a mortgage for the balance of the cost.  

The funds contributed by the community will be applied exclusively to the Personal Care Home and the renovation of the former Boyne Lodge.  All other phases of the project will be self-financing.


This project, without a doubt, is one of the largest ever undertaken by our local communities.

It has taken an unprecedented level of commitment and collaboration from all stakeholders, including individual citizens, local governments, Southern Health-Santé Sud, and Manitoba Health, to bring it to fruition.  

We at Boyne Care Holdings have renewed our commitment to ensuring the community received the benefits we have envisioned.

We believe this is the only way to address the rapidly growing need for seniors care in a fiscal environment where provincial governments simply will not have the resources to carry the financial burden alone.